The View from Campus

The View from Campus

Students! Take Advantage of This Volunteer Opportunity!

Turbocharging Your Career at the Orlando Summit

Andy Romero

By: Andy Romero
FTC President
Student Member, Orlando Central Florida Chapter, STC

The 2018 STC Summit Conference offers STC student members the opportunity to serve as volunteers at the May 20-23 event, where you will experience top-notch technical training in conference education sessions and network with well-established professionals.

The student registration fee of $200 will be waived if you serve as a volunteer. In addition, since this year’s Summit is right here in Orlando, you will not incur the formidable cost of travel, lodging, and incidentals as you would when the conference is in another city.

In addition to earning students a complimentary registration, volunteering at the Summit positively impacts students’ careers by increasing their overall exposure to the technical communication field. At the conference, student volunteers can engage in technical communication topics beyond the classroom. They can also build their professional networks and strengthen their resumes and portfolios.

Attending the Summit is worth its weight in gold in terms of job placement and career advancement within the technical communication profession.

The opportunity to attend the 65th annual STC Summit Conference as a student volunteer in Orlando has only one precedent—when the Orlando Chapter hosted the event back in 2000. The likelihood of the conference coming to Orlando again any time soon is low.

But hurry! There are only 18 positions for student member volunteers, and with the conference in Florida, they are going to fill rapidly. I have already secured my volunteer position, and I urge my fellow students to get yours as well.

For details on what student volunteers do and how to apply for a student volunteer position at the Summit, see the article by Bethany Aguad in this edition of MtM.

Another professional growth opportunity for UCF technical communication students is right on the horizon. In addition to the STC Summit Conference, the UCF Future Technical Communicators (FTC) organization at UCF is hosting our annual joint meeting with STC on Tuesday, February 13, from 6:30 to 8:55 p.m. in the Student Union,

The program, titled Reach the Summit: At the Conference and in Your Career, gives students the chance to preview some of the presentations at the upcoming STC Summit, as well as to explore the diverse career paths within the technical communication field.

For a detailed description of the topics being offered at the six “Venues” in the progression-style program, see the article by Dan Voss in this edition of MtM. In essence, the February 13 FTC/STC meeting here at UCF is a mini-conference covering many aspects of technical communication. As a Student Government Associated (SGA)-supported event, it’s free of charge for all attendees, and it includes free catered refreshments supplied by the Orlando Central Florida STC Chapter.

I highly encourage my fellow students who are interested in “touring” the various technical communication occupations and in networking with veteran STC conference presenters to attend the February 13 meeting.

I also urge you to take advantage of the exceptional opportunity to attend the STC Summit free as a local student member volunteer.

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