If You Missed September’s Meeting

If You Missed September’s Meeting

By: Yours Truly

In my Editor’s Desk article above, I mentioned our updated Website. The updated home page reminds us that we live by three pillars here in STC (Orlando Central) Florida when it comes to our programs:

  • promote best practices
  • facilitate networking
  • provide educational resources, both within our group and in the wider worlds of business and education

Most of our meetings, from my experience, center around the first and third bullets by placing the focus on skill development and resume building. They all build in time for networking, of course, but every now and again it’s nice to have an entire meeting devoted to forging and strengthening professional connections. We did just that last month!

September gave us a special opportunity to connect not only with our fellow and prospective chapter members, but also with representatives from the international Society office! They happened to be in Orlando, scoping out the I-Drive area for the 2018 Summit. Our evening was spent conversing over a delicious meal from Yard House at the Orlando Eye.

Check out some photos from the evening below! (Not pictured: My grilled cheese, tomato bisque, and vampire-style chipotle chicken taco. Yum!)

Taking a photo with our three guests of honor!



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