April Meeting Recap: Gold Venue

April Meeting Recap: Gold Venue

Leveling Up: First Years on the Job

By: Emily Wells
MtM Staff Writer


The tag-team duo of Bethany Aguad and Nick Ducharme took on the monumental quest of covering the first few years on the job, using a gaming approach to explain how to not only survive, but to excel in your early career in Leveling Up: First Years on the Job. To tackle such a giant challenge, they broke it down into three sections: Key Attributes, Skills, and Leveling Up.

First, Bethany and Nick discussed the top four attributes an employee should have: balance and self-awareness, education, self-confidence, and technical knowledge–also known as wisdom, intelligence, constitution, and strength. One of the biggest lessons they imparted was to remember that you are not being graded anymore; instead, you will be measured by your performance and by how much value you add to the company.

After this, Bethany and Nick shared the four skills they considered most important: the ability to analyze processes, email considerations, the ability to successfully interview subject matter experts (SMEs), and time management. Throughout this portion, Bethany and Nick also stressed the importance of effective communication and a “go-getter” attitude. For example, even if someone doesn’t follow up with you, you should follow up with him or her instead of blaming them for you not being able to proceed. And most importantly, always be able to adapt. After all, you never know when a boss-level monster is going to pop up and ruin your perfect game.

After providing the pieces for success, Bethany and Nick shared their ideas on how to go about “leveling up” in the corporate world, specifically regarding what to do when looking for a job (looking at career opportunities and progression within the company) and what to do when already in a job (performance reviews). They stressed how important this two-fold approach is, because knowing in advance what career opportunities are available to you enables you to use your performance review to create a plan of attack to win the match and level up.

Nick Ducharme (far right) shares his “cheats” (knowledge) to help keep students a step ahead of the job market competition.
Nick Ducharme (far right) shares his “cheats” (knowledge) to help keep students a
step ahead of the job market competition.



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