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The Florida Chapter
of the
Society for Technical Communication
Post Office Box 540444
Orlando, FL 32854-0444

7-Time Winner
Community of Distinction!

Memo to Members is published online monthly. Comments and letters of opinion are always welcome and should be directed to the editor.

Memo to Members invites writers to submit articles to be considered for publication. By submitting an article, you implicitly grant a license to this newsletter to run the article or post it online, and for other STC publications to reprint it without permission. Copyright is held by the writer. In your cover letter, please let the editor know if your article has run elsewhere, and if it has been submitted for consideration to other publications.

Permission to reprint any material herein is granted, provided that credit is given and a copy of the issue is sent to the editor.

Thank you,

Emily Wells
Newsletter Editor
STC Florida


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