Attend the STC Annual Business Meeting

Attend the STC Annual Business Meeting

By Karen Lane

The STC Annual Business Meeting, an event formerly held in conjunction with the annual Summit, now exists independent of (and non-concurrent to) it. 

In the early years of my Society membership, I never attended these “boring” events, even though I was on site and certainly could have. It was only when I learned how lively these could be* did I understand that not only was member attendance and attention vital to the health of the organization but the meeting could actually provide entertainment (although admittedly not every time), and from then on, I was hooked.

*Contentious, too, at times, which was part of the appeal. Weigh in on the issues that affect you and your career!

Attend, if you’re a member! This is what you’re paying for: a chance to shape the direction YOUR society takes. The meeting is held online, and advance free registration is required:

We are one of the leading chapters in the Society. Let’s represent our state at the international level on June 15.

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