STC Tidbits

Your membership dues — for new or renewal — are due now. The $30 discount is in effect until December 31. Renew your membership at the following address:

Early bird signups have begun for the Technical Communication Summit, held in Atlanta May 5-8, 2013. More info is available at the following address:

You can designate Orlando Central Florida STC Chapter as the recipient of your United Way contribution. Join other chapter members who have made a difference to our chapter by their generous contributions. Contact treasurer Sarah Baca ( to find out how.

Consult your tax advisor . . . . Donations to STC benefit you, too! Your donations to Orlando Central Florida STC Chapter (separate from dues) are often tax deductible as charitable contributions, as STC is a 501(c)(3) educational organization. Your dues do not fall into the category of donation, but often professional dues are also a deductible item in their own category. This is not tax advice; consult your tax professional for more definitive information that pertains directly to you.

Some employers have programs to track their employees’ volunteer hours with qualified organizations. If your company has such a program, contact Sarah Baca ( to get the paperwork going and have your volunteer hours count twice: Once in the service you provide to the chapter and once in a monetary donation your employer makes to the chapter on your behalf.

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