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Julia Southwick, Newsletter Editor

Julia Southwick, Newsletter Editor

Hi everyone!

I’m Julia Southwick: your new editor! I introduced myself in my first article about how to use some of the Google suite products, but I’ll tell you a bit about myself here too. My family has a lot of engineers and engineering types in it (my grandfather, my dad, my brothers, my mom), so technical communication comes as naturally to me as breathing. I have had two jobs in the Tech Comm space so far: one at Lockheed Martin and one at Siemens.

While at Lockheed Martin, I used my writing, editing, and design skills to update company documentation including onboarding, policies, and organizational materials. At Siemens,  I edited and formatted power generator outage reports to meet internal writing standards for publication.

I’m currently looking for a new job and if you know of any opportunities opening up, please let me know.

If you need to contact me for any reason, feel free to reach out to me at

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