Hype Materials from the April Chapter Meeting

FORMER EDITOR’S NOTE: You might notice this promo is being posted after its subject meeting has already occurred. Feel free to skip it! This article is mostly for archival purposes. 🙂

STC Florida Chapter Open Forum on Technical Communication

Nick Ducharme

By: Nick Ducharme
Vice President
Florida Chapter, STC


Sometimes in technical communication, as in life, less is more. I will be following that philosophy with this description of the April chapter meeting.

Simply put, this month’s topic…is up to you!

On Thursday, April 18th from 7:00 to 8:30 pm EST, we will host our first fully online chapter meeting. We call it the STC Florida Chapter Open Forum on Technical Communication. The goal is networking. The goal is also to facilitate discussions about whatever tech comm topics and questions are on your mind. Please seize this golden opportunity to shape the discussions we will be having.

We need your input. Please share your topic ideas and questions here!

Also, please RSVP here!

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