If You Missed July’s Meeting

Crystal Brezina

By: Crystal Brezina
Orlando Central Florida Chapter, STC

On Saturday, July 22nd, 2017, the annual STC Orlando CFL Leadership Retreat was held at UCF. Chapter members came together to discuss the upcoming year for the chapter, including CAA participation, student and member outreach, officer reports, and the upcoming 2018 Summit.

The primary topic throughout the meeting was the annual STC Summit, planned to be held in our very own Orlando. Members discussed using upcoming meetings to prepare, as well as promotional materials to boost attendance, and chapter members submitting articles for STC’s Intercom publication.

The Leadership Retreat included an ADCO meeting, with topics on active membership, member development, and website documentation.

Participants reviewed plans for the new Leadership Development Program, which pairs senior technical professionals and new technical professionals in an effort to increase the knowledge and skills of the new technical professionals, similar to the existing mentorship program. This program will not only boost the skills of the young professionals, but will create more opportunities for new graduates to learn and grow in the chapter.

I am excited to see how this coming year for the chapter progresses. It looks to be an active year for all members as we focus on the development of the chapter and what will surely be a successful STC Summit.

UCF Writing Lab_011

Everyone sharing knowing looks, presumably about our chapter’s secret handshake. (Not really.)

UCF Writing Lab_014

Serious business.

UCF Writing Lab_063

President Alex Garcia (on left) leading a discussion as Secretary Crystal Brezina (on right) diligently takes notes. (Editor’s Note: This article’s corny captions are brought to you by yours truly, so rest assured that Crystal is not talking about herself in the third person!)

UCF Writing Lab_012

Immediate Past President Debra Johnson (on left) and Director David Coe (on right) participating in a lively discussion.

UCF Writing Lab_033

Special thanks to Dr. J.D. Applen (on right) for helping us once again book the Technical Writing Lab at UCF! It’s proven to be a valuable locale for our retreats these past couple years.

UCF Writing Lab_076

Emily Wells presenting on matters related to UCF’s Future Technical Communicators club.

UCF Writing Lab_037

Jack-of-all-trades W.C. Wiese presenting on the state of the chapter. He serves many roles in our chapter, including photographer! But we still manage to snap a few shots of him every now and then.

UCF Writing Lab_084

Alex (on left) presenting a chapter service award to Director and “Chapter Parliamentarian” Karen Lane (on right).

UCF Writing Lab_074

Treasurer Bethany Aguad (on left) presenting an award of gratitude on the chapter’s behalf to Alex (on right) for his outstanding leadership.









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