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Nick Ducharme

Technical Communicators of Florida and Beyond,

We have a very delicious edition plated for your eager consumption today. Please enjoy our special menu:

  • Our appetizer is an interview with this month’s meeting presenter, who is expanding upon his topic from last month’s Picking a Path progression event at UCF with Jumpstart Your Tech Knowledge! The interview includes his personal recollection of visiting the recent STC Summit.
  • Our main course is a fantastically detailed summary of every topic from Picking a Path!
  • Our sweet dessert is a values article on the topic of caring!


If you are a chapter member, please also remember that ballots for our chapter election will be available at this month’s meeting on Thursday, May 25th. (That is the fourth Thursday of this month instead of the usual third Thursday. Please note that the ballot distributed last month did not reflect this.) There is also the option to mail in a ballot, if you ensure it arrives by Tuesday, May 23rd. Please let me know if you are a member and did not receive the link to the mail-in version.


Now for the meeting details:

Please join us this Thursday, May 25th, either online or at UCF’s University Boulevard IHOP. Click here to RSVP.


Many thanks,

Nick Ducharme
Manager, Communications Committee


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