The President’s Corner

The President’s Corner

Debra 2016By: Debra Johnson
Orlando Central Florida Chapter, STC

In April 2016, I was fortunate to travel for work, both to MadWorld for MadCap Flare users and to my company’s user conference in Las Vegas, called SUGA.  I presented at the latter, two separate sessions. One was “Mining for Knowledge”, which you may be familiar with as I presented it at the UCF-FTC annual meeting in February. My second session was “Tips for Writing Clear Instructions for any Task, Procedure, or Process”, which I will be reprising at the Chapter meeting on May 19, 2016.

In the session, I will talk about how every employee has a slightly different way of doing things; how each one has a different background, different experience, different depth of skill and understanding, and a slightly different operating process.  The larger your operation, the more variation can work its way into your processes.

Documented instructions are a great training tool for new employees. They help you standardize and standardization helps enforce consistency when performing tasks. Documented instructions can allow employers to measure performance, quality, and task time.

I will provide some tips on writing instructions that contain detailed, specific, and sequential information necessary to carry out an activity.

The goal of standardization is to do more with less resources, less time, and less effort.  My assistant Grace and I will show you how to capture those best practices, document them, and roll them out to your workforce and have fun doing it…  Please join us!

– Debra


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