If You Missed The Last Meeting…June Edition

If You Missed The Last Meeting…June Edition

By R.D. Sharninghouse Secretary for Orlando STC, Editor for Memo 2 Members Newsletter

2014-06-19 Awards Celebration

On June 19, 2014, the Orlando Central Florida chapter STC had their  Awards Celebration at Tibby’s New Orleans Kitchen.  The restaurant was festive with New Orleans inspired artwork, photos, and other memorabilia. The cajun-style food was exquisite.

President Debra Johnson

The room was filled with members, students, family, and friends of the Orlando Central Florida Chapter STC.  Debra Johnson, the President of the Orlando chapter, did a wonderful job welcoming everyone. Other members of the  Administrative Council in attendance included:

Vice President Sarah Baca: Vice President Sarah Baca Secretary Mary Burns: Secretary Mary Burns Director Mark Wray:Director Mark Wray
Director David Coverston: Director David Coverston Newsletter Editor RD Sharninghouse: 2014-06-19 21.03.51 Mentoring Program Chair          Dan Voss:2014-06-19 20.40.08-1

Treasurer, Alex Garcia and Immediate Past President, Karen Lane, were unable to attend but were with us in spirit.

2014-06-19 20.22.382014-06-19 PellegrinScholarshipMemorialDan Jones and Dan Voss presented the Melissa Pellegrin Memorial Scholarship.  This scholarship fund was founded to honor and preserve the memory and generous spirit of our valued friend and professional colleague, Melissa Pellegrin.  Melissa’s family were in attendance for support and to light the candle for the memorial display. The two recipients this year were:

Charles Maise

Charles Maise

James Vrhovac

James Vrhovac

2014-06-19 20.29.072014-06-19 MarkWray JaffeErica Higgins presented the Gloria Jaffe Outstanding Technical Communication Award.  This award is named for Orlando Chapter founder and retired University of Central Florida professor Glorida Jaffe.  The recipient this year was Orlando Chapter Director at Large, Mark Wray.

Debra Johnson presented the STC Society Awards:

2014-06-19 MikeMurray Asoc FellowMike Murray received Associate Fellow for his contribution to the STC. Mark Wray received the Distinguished Chapter Service Award.  Candace Du Lac (not in attendance) received the Distinguished Service Award for Students.

The Orlando Chapter was the 8th time winner for Chapter of Distinction, 2nd time winner for Community of the Year, and the winner of the Pacesetter award.  A great finish to a very productive year!

David Coverston awarded STC shirts to active members. I would like to add that I received my very first STC shirt!

2014-06-19 20.45.47

My first STC shirt!

My first STC shirt!

Sarah Baca presented the Vice President Award to Debra Johnson. Chapter members also awarded Debra with flashy lanyards, because that’s her thing. Hahaha

2014-06-19 20.54.39 2014-06-19 20.53.41
2014-06-19 20.52.20 2014-06-19 20.51.29 2014-06-19 21.02.14

Debra Johnson presented Sarah Baca with the President’s Award, and also presented the Service Awards to the rest of the chapter.
2014-06-19 21.00.292014-06-19 20.59.58-22014-06-19 20.59.02-22014-06-19 20.58.192014-06-19 20.56.482014-06-19 20.41.162014-06-19 20.40.08-12014-06-19 20.39.25












W.C. Wiese welcomed the new officers for 2014-2015: Debra Johnson, President; Mary Burns, Vice President; R.D. Sharninghouse, Secretary; Alex Garcia, Treasurer; David Coverston, Director; and Mark Wray, Director.

The people, energy, atmosphere, and of course the great food, all made for a beautiful night.  Congratulations to all award recipients and thank you to all of those who could join us in celebrating another year of dedication in the Orlando Central Florida Chapter STC!Special thanks to W.C. Wiese who acted as photographer for most of the night.  There were a lot of great pictures taken.  Here are some more for your viewing pleasure…after the jump.2014-06-19 21.01.342014-06-19 21.12.07-22014-06-19 21.00.542014-06-19 20.48.51-22014-06-19 20.47.392014-06-19 20.45.472014-06-19 19.20.18-22014-06-19 18.52.362014-06-19 20.32.052014-06-19 19.22.44-22014-06-19 18.52.192014-06-19 Tibbys Food2014-06-19 18.52.362014-06-19 PresidentofDistinctionHat2014-06-19 Awards Celebration2

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