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One of our members, Candace Du Lac, Pellegrin Scholarship winner 2013, STC Distinguished Service Award for Students recipient 2014, has taken a position as a religious missionary with the Southern Baptist Convention.  She has already started her training to prepare for the 22 month long mission in Veracruz, Mexico.

Candace gave a summary of her experiences that lead up to this moment.

“I graduated from UCF with a double major in English and Spanish and looked forward to being able to use the Spanish I had learned for short term missions.  When I learned of a two-year paid program with the Southern Baptist Convention, I applied and was accepted.

I am now in Virginia where I am training and preparing mentally, physically, and spiritually for moving to a rural village in the state of Veracruz, Mexico on June 19.  In Mexico, my teammate Ellen and I will be building relationships with the people there, learning the indigenous language (Nahuatl), and translating Bible stories into their language.”

Congratulations to Candace with her success and on behalf of the Orlando chapter STC, I would like to wish her a safe and exciting journey.


R.D. Sharninghouse
Editor, Memo 2 Members Newsletter

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