The President’s Corner

Debra JohnsonThe President’s Corner

By Debra Johnson, President
Orlando Central Florida STC Chapter

Upcoming Chapter Elections and Volunteering:

The art of “Painting” and Serving Your Orlando Central Florida STC Chapter…

…by Debra Johnson, Chapter President

I never thought I could be an artist… at least in the conventional sense with paint and February_2014_PresCorner1brushes and a smock.  Dancing, yes…I mastered that…but taking a blank canvas and coming up with a beautiful painting was mystifying, yet intriguing to me. I thought if I were ever to do so, I probably would find out that my fear of the outcome was pretty silly. I actually might want to do it again. That’s how I felt at first about volunteering to help my local STC chapter – very unsure but intrigued!

What do you think would be the most daunting part about creating a painting? Would it be picking a subject to paint; using the right colors or brushes that worked together; will it take a lot of time? What is that first step? Will my inspiration transfer to canvas successfully? I mean, would you worry about these things?

I can tell you that for me, while all of those things certainly weighed on my mind, the hardest part was taking that first step…that first brush stroke on a totally blank canvas! The sad part is, if I hadn’t, I would never have known if I could do it and what it feels like – self-imposed restriction…self-doubt.

February_2014_PresCorner2So, why is it you haven’t taken that first step to become involved in chapter activities? What does worry you? Do you think it takes up too much time?  Well, I can assure you that those thoughts certainly did unnerve me! Never in my life did I think I would ever be the Orlando Central Florida Chapter Vice President, let alone President! But somehow, I managed to make myself take that first step, and every day it has gotten easier. Why? Because of the incredible support group that is our chapter – always there to help, to council, to advise, to support, encourage, to “remind” (wink wink) and to ultimately become some of my best friends anywhere.

The Orlando Central Florida Chapter STC offers you many opportunities for personal development.  You can jump in a little or a lot. Can you commit to helping with one thing at one meeting? We could use your help. Are you able to join one of our committees? We sure could use your ideas. We need leaders.  We do a lot virtually. We host a meeting one evening a month.  We need article submissions; we need mentors; we need officers. You’ll never be alone, plus I’ll tell you a little secret – it’s not nearly as much time as you think. In fact, this has truly been a fun and rewarding 4 ½ years for me! Each contribution to the chapter in the form of volunteering is different, yet special…a true masterpiece.  Even though the theme may be the same… each person and experience is unique and beautiful…just as in painting.








Get with any member, or email me at and let us know you are interested…
Make that first brush stroke soon.  I promise you…your result will beautiful… an individual work of art!
It has been for me…


P.S. Thank You Mike Murray!

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