A View From Number Two

Sarah Baca

By Sarah Baca
Vice President
Orlando Central Florida Chapter STC




I will never forget attending my first Thanks Dinner with STC Orlando. I was a student at UCF, excited about my potential career and wanting to learn more about technical communication. I was in a room full of mostly strangers and I was trying very hard not to look like an idiot since one of them might be a future employer (if I could get a job when I graduated … what if I couldn’t?!).

Debra, our vice-president at the time, asked us to go around the room and say what we were grateful for. I thought, “These people have arrived! Surely they are grateful for their nice cars and houses, their trips to Aruba, their great jobs.” I am sure that there were many people there who were grateful for those things. But instead every single person there said that they were grateful for their family and the wonderful people in their lives. That experience reminded me about what is really important. It’s the people in our lives and our relationships with them.

For me, our STC chapter has helped me forge some of my very best friendships. I hope that is your experience too. If that’s not the case, let me know and I’ll introduce you to some folks! Either way, I hope that you will join us for this year’s Thanks Dinner at Culpepper’s Restaurant near UCF. We can’t wait to see you!

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